Make it lean

Lean design

Modern design, less complexity, only with the functions that you really need

Did you know that in standard PMS only 30% of the functionalities are used? Our interface has what is necessary for you to perform the most complex tasks in a couple of clicks. By having only what is necessary in each section, you will intuitively know what you have to do at each moment.

Increase productivity

Automations, kind of magic!

Lean PMS automates your routine tasks and reduce the human errors, completing the processes 60% faster than a standard PMS. Do you perform noumerous tasks throughout the day? Automate them! We facilitate the creation of automatic tasks!

No training required

Our “Step by Step” system will guide you

Designed a system based on processes, LEAN will guide you “Step by Step” to complete each process, so anybody can use.

One system, multiple solutions

We offer a wide range of perfectly integrated solutions to improve the management of your business. A single system, easy to use and with an intuitive design

Lean PMS

The most modern PMS (Property Management System), based on 100% cloud, multi-device, designed to optimize the main management processes of a hotel with the best user experience.

POK autocheckin

A new way to checkin

POK is the new generation of self-service. It is an innovative self check-in kiosk, created to reduce queues at reception, increasing customer satisfaction and optimizing operating costs.

FrontDesk app

Save time...and paper!

FrontHotel App, is a mobile App for tablet that allows hotels to obtain the signature of customers digitally and in turn the consent for being GDPR compliant. All this information is registered in the system and avoids having to save all this documentation in paper format.

Housekeeping App

Organize the cleaning of rooms

Mobile app to get real time room status, incidents, minibar charges, maintenance task management, and much more…