POK (Point of Kiosk)

A wide range of check-in options to offer the best customer journey

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Check-in with Host

Flexible and operative

The POK design allows you to remove the screen and be able to perform the personalized checkin with greater comfort.

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Online pre-check-in

Faster and usefull checkin

Your guests can checkin from their mobile devices. We have developed advanced functionalities such as facial recognition, reading of QR codes and bar codes and recognition of ID documents.

Facial Recognition

Reading of QR and bars codes

Recognition of ID documents

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Check-in On the go

Wireless freedom

Check in the reception queue, on a bus … Wherever you want!

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Main features of POK

Digital Signage

Digital signature of documents. Complies with data protection regulations

Face Recognition

Face recognition that allows you to compare identity documents

Invoices and Payments

Allows you to easily pay by credit card and generate the final invoice

PMS Integration

Integrate LEAN PMS with POK or also your own PMS system

Upselling and Crosselling

Increase sales by cross-selling and giving the option to purchase extras

Key Delivery

POK delivers RFID proximity keys

Customize POK with your branding

POK can be customized to customize the hotel’s brand image

Increase Sales

POK offers more points of sale and more hours of service (24/7)


POK offers the best user experience thanks to its multi-language support